Social Business Report July 20

On this weeks Social Business Report: DirectTV makes up with Viacom but Dish is still at war with AMC is purchased and looks to make a reappearance New study shows 33% of people trust … [Read more...]

Yahoo Is Sent An Angel Named Marissa Mayer

I have always had a soft spot in my heart for Yahoo. I have been on the Internet long enough to remember their first sites fondly. This was way pre-Google. Back then, we found things on the Net easily … [Read more...]

Wither Yahoo

I'm an old school internet guy. I remember the days well before Google when Yahoo was king. Yahoo was the first major big time Internet success story. Now, so many years later another Yahoo CEO is … [Read more...]

Flight To Open Source

Weather it's attributable to a fear of Google Open Social or increasingly savvy executives there is a real movement to open up social network platforms. Facebook has been the hottest network of late … [Read more...]

Why is Goggle “unnerved” by MicroHoo

Google's Sergey Brin is freaked out by the proposed merger of Yahoo and Microsoft. Why? Partly Google is trying to trough as much cold water as they can on the deal. Having two weak competitors … [Read more...]

Yahoo – Fish on a Hook

Microsoft has been fishing for Yahoo for years now and finally they have snagged them. Yahoo is doing alot of flopping and trashing around, but they're a fish on a hook at this point. Fighting is only … [Read more...]